Mike Engle

Domestic Sales Manager, Dive Rite

Mike Engle

Mike was destined to work for Dive Rite before he even knew it. He was born in New Jersey, but when he was 8 his family moved to Lake City, FL… only a few miles away from Dive Rite’s office.

He started diving in 2000 but his interest in diving really took off soon after that when he started studying at the University of Florida. He took an Open Water class offered by the Academic Diving Program in a search of the ‘easy A.’ It turned out the class wasn’t a push over and he got more than he bargained for – he developed an unquenchable love for diving.

It wasn’t long before Mike was heavily involved in all aspects of the UF program; eventually working up to becoming an instructor trainer. Mike graduated from UF with a degree in Advertising, and in lieu of taking a job in the field of advertising he decided to pursue something diving related. He worked full time as an instructor and shop manager at one of the local dive shops. To this day Mike actively teaches everything from open water thru instructor classes at UF and privately. He loves to pass on his passion and wealth of experience to his students.

When he discovered cave diving, he immediately became addicted. A short swim down the Gallery in Ginnie Springs during his cavern class got him hooked, which lead to him becoming a fully certified cave, CCR, and DPV diver. It is not entirely unusual to see Mike sneak away from work a few minutes early just to fit in a dive in on the way home. Even though he loves the caves, his beach bum side loves diving in the ocean equally as much, if not more.

Mike became a part of the Dive Rite family in 2007. In his time at Dive Rite, he has worked production, sales, service, and is now the Sales Manager. He also is one of the faces commonly seen at the trade shows and at Demo Day events in the Southeast. Although his career brought him back to Lake City, he continues to reside in the Gainesville area. Outside of diving, he keeps busy by fishing, riding sport bikes, and watching the Florida Gators play. If it was up to him Gator game days would be declared public holidays!