November 12th, 2007

Jetstream Handles Sidemount Squeeze


I finally got a chance to go side mount diving after DEMA. Jerry Murphy, our Product Manager, and I did Rock Bluff and had to dig the entrance out just to get in. I felt this would be a good test for the JetStream Regulator. I wanted a regulator that I could breathe from the left side without running it around my neck when side mounting. The JetStream worked very well. It secures to the left shoulder with a bungee strap around the webbing to keep it high and out of silt. I had our new regulator necklace (debuted at DEMA) on the right side regulator. The adjustable regulator necklace let me pull it up tight for side mount…a little tighter than most divers would wear a regulator for back mounted cylinders.


  1. Both regulators – I had to dig some small rocks out of the first stage caps – yeah it was very tight.
  2. The necklace works just as designed, but I am having the manufacturer change the crimps before production is released so it will be another 30 days before we have stock.
  3. Nomad bottle placement is good with the new chokers on the necks. This was my first chance to use them in a small restriction situation. I had tested them, but had not had the chance to test the tank placement with chokers in a tight body squeeze.

I routed the Jetstream second stage hose downward in order to make the standard 28-inch hose length lie flat. It pulls up easily for use.


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