November 14th, 2007

NiTek X GF Update


We have updated the GF factors for the NiTek X, specifically the CONO GF. See Phil’s comments below:


Based on your input, we have re-worked the gradient factors and have a new GF for CONO as follows:

CON0 : GF 75/95
CON1 : GF 40/100
CON2 : GF 30/75

Briefly. CON2 is Eric Baker’s conservative base assumption, “if you want conservative, use this”. CON1 is good low GF but no surface penalty over an above the deep stop time “this gives considerable deep stops but does not extend shallow deco too much”, CON0 base level safety “Some movement of shallow stops deeper to hint at deep stops, for recreational use”.

I labored most over CON0. Use the Workbench to try these profiles. You will notice that 75/95 has the characteristic that for serious or less serious recreational dives the deco is hardly longer, but does move one or two stops deeper in the water and spread the deco over a deeper range. It is more conservative by “deep stop” rules for this reason. Eg. for a 130 ft dive that usually yields a Buhlmann deco starting with one minute at 9M you will see a few minutes at 12M followed by a slightly longer deco, total. This happens because you need to stop earlier because of the LO-GF, but you are not on-gassing still (much) because you are shallow enough. So the deco is actually more graceful by the same “deep stop rules”. It is more complicated than that physiologically, but as far as the model maps to this I think we are in bounds.


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