January 17th, 2008

LED 500 Flashlight


Light emitting diodes (LED) is the latest in lighting technology. As with any new technology it is growing at a rapid pace. The last time I saw technology growing like this was with computer processor chips. The fastest computer today is outdated in six months and we are seeing the same in the LED market. It makes sense because of the combination of electronics that are making the advances, including the LED, drivers and heat sinking combinations.

The first high output LED for Dive Rite was the 300 lumen flashlight that we released in the summer of 2007. Now we can power it to get 500 lumens … who knows where it will be later this year. Kind of like the 1 gig processor being replaced by the 1.6 and then the 2 gig processor all in about 12 months. We plan to keep up with the technology and give you the best we can within our design parameters. So now the LED 300 is a LED 500. Sorry if what you buy today is outdated in a few months, however we believe in progress and our customers expect us to deliver the best technology available. Don’t wait to purchase an LED now because the lumens will be higher in the future because I can’t tell when the next increase in output is going to occur. Our engineers send the latest to us as they get it developed.


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