February 1st, 2008

Cold feet in drysuits


A couple of weeks ago, one of our Ambassadors was in town for an O2ptima crossover. A filmmaker, he works a lot in freezing cold temperatures and mentioned that his feet are frozen after several hours on the boat looking for the wildlife he is going to film.

We gave him a 905 drysuit that comes standard with neoprene boots and I explained to him the principles behind proper insulation. That is, you have to give room for air to move inside the boot. If you stuff your feet into a boot, the insulating sock will compress and lose its ability to keep your feet warm. A proper fitting boot will allow for air to move in the boot so the loft of the sock can maintain its form and your feet will stay insulated. The same principle works for undergarments on the torso.

It got me thinking, so I wrote an article about drysuits and undergarments. It is published in the download section of our 905 drysuits, Polartec and Primaloft undergarments. Article: Selecting Drysuits and Undergarments

Our Ambassador was impressed with the suit and is now wearing a 905 drysuit and Primaloft socks. Dive Rite Ambassadors


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