February 13th, 2008

NiTek X Beta Test con’t


Rose Sink Cave System, FL

Feb 11, 2008

My dive required using CCR so I ran the Nitek X in CC mode and compared the decompression schedules between the Hammerhead and Nitek X. I ran a set point of 1.2 and programmed my diluent as air. I had to survey the cave out from maximum point of penetration: 4800-feet to my last station from a previous dive. The display on the NiTek X made the survey work easier because of the large depth display, plus the depth reading to a tenth of a foot.

The first deco stop was at seventy feet after 110 minutes of bottom time. Usually this is where I avoid looking at the total deco time on the Hammer Head CCR Electronics or the NiTek HE because they always show more deco time than actual deco until you get to the shallower stops. Yesterday, the Hammer Head was showing 134 minutes of deco, yet the NiTek X was showing 74 minutes. I had asked the NiTek X designers to build in some type of intuitive deco stop time. I wanted to have a real deco check at depth and penetration so I knew when it was time to come home. It works in CC mode and is being checked on a similar dive today in OC mode.

The deco countdown went like clockwork following the 74 minute schedule. I watched the CNS clock on the left of the display climb. The CNS tracking is on the left side of the screen, the 9 pixel display fills up in partial pixel display so you get a more accurate measure of the CNS clock. The NiTek He would jump a full pixel on the display for every 12.5% of use. After seven pixels on the CNS clock the eighth pixel came to life as just a line, but this pushed the CNS clock to 80% and the display started flashing. The Hammer Head deco began accelerating the total deco time and matched the Nitek X at the 30-foot stop. Both the Nitek X and Hammer Head cleared within one minute of each other.

The testing is going well. A few more tech dives are needed to verify some of the alarm features. The only way to really know if the NiTek X is performing properly is to do the dives.

I guess I need to go diving again. Lamar.

Rose Sink Dive Profile 2.8.08

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