February 25th, 2008


The manned dives on the NiTek X are moving along without any glitches. We are now into the military testing on case integrity with extreme heat and cold testing along with interval pressure checking. We are still waiting on the back lighting to complete the production beta units. We are pushing the vendor to give us a delivery date. More information on the intuitive decompression model: The NiTek X gas list is for the dive, just like the older NiTek HE you program in the gasses for the dive. The NiTek X assumes you will use all these gases for the dive with change points of 1.6 PO2. This allows the computer to look forward on the decompression schedule and predict your decompression. This was a feature I had asked for so I could have some real information when 2000 feet back in a cave at over 200 feet in depth. The decompression schedule shown on the NiTek HE would lead you to think you would never get out of decompression because it only looked at the current breathing gas when computing total decompression time. The NiTek X will look forward and show you a more realistic schedule. If you don’t use all the gases programmed it doesn’t affect the decompression schedule, you just don’t get accurate total ascent time information. Jerry experienced this on a dive last week when 95% was programmed in for a deco gas but he didn’t have it with him. The real decompression time was accurate but the total time was telling him he could get out earlier if he would make the gas change.

We have been asked by some customers if we will handle service repairs on the NiTek X in-house. The answer is yes. We have computer technicians dedicated to servicing the NiTek X and will offer service in the same time frame as most of our products – 72 hours turn around.


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