August 12th, 2008

Not all batteries are created equal


The type of battery you put into the light makes a big difference when it comes to performance. We test our handheld LED lights using Duracell coppertops and recommend you use them or a similar good quality battery. The LED 500 needs 750 mA, this is the current pulled by the module to power the light. Rechargeable batteries have different ratings of discharge and not all are compatible with our lights, so do check the packaging on the batteries before you buy. Typically the less expensive the rechargeable the lower the mA discharge rate, for example the most popular 1700 mA rechargeable batteries can only handle a 350 mA discharge rate. If they can’t handle 750 mA discharge rate you may experience problems like the light getting hot or not getting the expected burn time. For best performance we recommend you use standard name brand alkaline batteries rather than long lasting alkaline or industrial grade batteries. If you find rechargeable batteries with a 750 mA discharge capability – you need to make sure they are identical. Do not mix rechargeable or alkaline batteries, brands or mAh ratings as this can cause serious problems.

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