October 16th, 2008

LED 500 Flashlight Improvement


This light has been a major success for us and we have listened to customer feedback. We’re delayed in production right now in order to make some improvements you have asked for. The next shipment is scheduled for release in a few weeks.

Any alkaline battery will work. The driver will compensate for low grade batteries and operate without overheating (don’t use expensive long lasting batteries for high tech devices). Granted performance will not be as optimal as it would with the recommended Duracell batteries, but the light will perform.

Rechargeable batteries available at your local department store will also work. We are testing them with success, but performance is still questionable because these batteries don’t like to be deep discharged. I don’t recommend trying to run the light until it burns out with these because it could damage a battery cell. Moderate use of six hours on Energizer 245ma rechargeable batteries appear to function just fine.


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