January 25th, 2009

New O2ptima Stand


O2ptima Stand Jan 2009Many will say that I am never happy because I am constantly trying to improve our products. Well, here I go again with the O2ptima. The O2ptima FX is easy to assemble, however I wanted a better stand that can withstand the abuse of boat diving. I have seen some hybrid material stands made from aluminum that are nice, however I wanted to stay away from aluminum because it will show corrosion after awhile. Plus, I wanted something light weight.

I went back to the original prototype stand, a rigid support stand. I used ¾ inch thick high impact plastic for both the upright and the stand. This along with a thicker shell does the job. It no longer uses the Remora mounting system. There are slots in the shell for the cam straps. You have to use the 1.5 inch cam straps. We’re making quick release buckles to add to the cam straps so you don’t have to unthread them each time you get your bottles filled. The buckles should be ready in 45-60 days. The stand is $199.00 for an upgrade. If your O2ptima isn’t an FX, you need to get a new cover as well so it will be $300 for the upgrade.

The new stand has outrigger D-rings on it for clipping off bailout bottles. You no longer have to have the Nomad buttplate, which means you can sit down on a boat without the rails underneath you. I take delivery on the first 50 units this week. The first 25 upgrades will get the outriggers for free if you tell us you read about it in my BLOG. That’s $40.00 for free. Call us at the factory to set up the upgrade.


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