February 8th, 2009

O2ptima Manual 4.0


The latest O2ptima manual is out with more information about the features of the O2ptima. It’s available in our library or listed under downloads on the O2ptima product page. I have had a couple of instructors review it and found it to be more informative then the earlier one. We have a number of updates and accessories slated to come out this year on the O2ptima like the new stand we just released. I will keep you posted as these things are available.


On a side note the NiTek X can be quickly added to the O2ptima. We need to drill and tap the head to insert the cable. I have been flying my unit with both handsets stored away in pockets attached to the bottom of the CL, using the DIVA in PPO2 mode and 4th cell plugged into the X. If you want to try this just send me your CL and I can have the pockets sewn in place. I can’t give you the pockets but I can give you the time to sew them in place. 


O2ptima CL Pockets

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