March 22nd, 2009

O2ptima Calibration Caps, QR Buckles and Solenoid Filter


O2ptima divers who want a fast method for sensor calibration without having to fill the loop can now use our Calibration Caps. They help to conserve gas with small cylinders. We came up with a calibration cap set that consists of an inlet cap with a BC hose connection to plug your manual oxygen hose into and an exhaust cap fitted with a mushroom valve so you can evacuate the canister and fill it with oxygen for calibration. Since it is a mushroom valve you can’t overpressurize the canister while calibrating. It’s simple to use and carry with you. DRT-27-CAL We’ll post pics in a day or two.

Also, the Quick Release buckles for the 1.5 inch cam straps are in-stock. You can add them to any of the 1.5” cam straps on the O2ptima tanks or a stage bottle. We used to use these same buckles for independent doubles on 2” cam straps years ago. No more having to reweave the cam buckle. BC2036-QR .

We’ve added a 60 micron filter to the solenoid inlet on the O2ptima. This should help keep the solenoid from getting any debris in it when disconnecting the oxygen hose. I just finished six hours of CCR time with the filter in place. We need to modify your solenoid inlet to accept the filter. Call or email service at to send your head in if you want us to install the filter.


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