May 4th, 2009

NiTek Trio Software


We have new software called Dive Logbook for the NiTek Trio and NiTek Duo computers. The scrolling marquis on the NiTek Trio can be changed via the software. Dive Logbook is not compatible with NiTek Logic, so any dives recorded in Logic will not incorporate into Logbook. The NiTek Plus will continue to use NiTek Logic software. Dive Logbook is available for download listed under the “Downloads” tab in the NiTek Trio page of our online catalog.

The NiTek Trio uses the Bulhman algorithm like the NiTek Duo and other Dive Rite computers. The deep stop feature is not new gradient factors in the computer, but rather a simple method of incorporating deep stops without adding time to the shallower stops.

When deep stops are turned on it will add deep stops to any dive with more than 5 minutes of decompression. Deep stops are calculated by splitting the difference between max depth and the first scheduled shallow stop. For instance if you make a 100’ dive for 60 minutes and have a 30’ stop the first deep stop will be at 60’ for 1 minute. It will continue to give you 1 minute stops every 10’ until you get to the scheduled 30’ stop. The Trio is not designed to be a technical computer, but an advanced recreational computer. It doesn’t do Trimix so deep stops will not be accurate for helium. The Trio will slow your ascent and let you do deep stops without suffering increased time at shallower stops.


2 Responses to “NiTek Trio Software”

  • Having trouble installing the new Dive logbook software w/ Win Vista. Are there install directions that you could send



    Mike, May 7th, 2009 at 9:55 pm

  • Mike, send your email address to us at and we will send you download instructions.


    lamar, May 8th, 2009 at 4:11 pm