May 18th, 2009

O2ptima Canister Dust Cap Upgrade


By request we introduced dust caps for the O2ptima rebreather head to seal the cartridge without removing it. Later, we introduced calibration caps so a diver doesn’t need to fill the loop multiple times to calibrate the unit. Now we use the calibration caps for both uses. Take the thread protectors from the harness mounting bolts (5/16”) and slide one over the inflator inlet nipple on the calibration cap to seal the head. I am pulling the Dust Caps off the market because I have received a second report of a damaged head. Both heads were pressurized when the caps were put on for storage, but the diver didn’t shut down the oxygen supply. If the Hammerhead wakes up it will inject O2. Do I need to say more?

Use the calibration caps to seal the head if need be. For those that have a set of dust caps, send them to us in Lake City and we can convert them to calibration caps with the inflator inlet for $25.  Email


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