June 4th, 2009

NiTek X


The X is in full production now and we have inventory in-stock. I have over 100 hrs on my unit. We are building the NiTek X in-house at Dive Rite. This gives us full control to improve the product and track changes. One improvement we did before we shipped the first 50 beta units was to change the battery cap. The original cap could be tightened with a coin, but this could scar the cap. We changed it to a cap with finger grips like the Fischer cap on the other side, plus we added a new cap spring.

This fixed one problem, but created a new one. Since the new cap can be installed without a tool people like to check the battery and don’t tighten it securely. If it is not tight pressure can push the cap and you can lose connection and the computer resets. All units leave the factory with the cap secure and pressure checked to 275-feet. If you have the urge to pull the battery for any reason make sure the cap is tight. We have a tool (CO8212) if you feel the need to pull the battery and check it frequently. The battery should last the average diver over a year.

The X has a sleep mode and pushing either button will wake it up. It stays awake for 10 minutes before returning to sleep mode to conserve battery power. It is auto activated at 5-feet (1.5m) via the pressure transducer, not a wet switch.


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