June 23rd, 2009

Tank hitting the head and the TransPac Harness


Lately we have received customer support email from people with a common problem. When wearing their new TransPac, the tank is too high and they can feel the tank valve at the back of their head.  If you have the right size harness then the problem can be easily addressed if you look at the TransPac as a new piece of gear and not the latest version of an old BC.


Make sure that the side plates are close to the backplate. When you put your arms down by your side the leading edge of the plate should contact your arm, not the center or back of the plate. Some people say they like the plates forward so the adjustment straps are easier to adjust, this is the first mistake. The adjustment straps are to tweak the size from wetsuit to drysuit and are rarely adjusted. If you like to play with them that’s the problem.


Proper fit is

1. Step into the harness

2. Adjust the chest strap so the shoulder straps come straight down over the shoulder.

3. Fasten the waist belt, make sure it is snug

4. Pull slack out of the shoulder/plate adjustments but not too tight


Since the design is similar to backpacking, the lower you sit when putting the harness on and pull slack out of the shoulder straps the higher the tank will ride. Don’t try to pull all the slack out of the adjustment, you could be looking at the regulator over your head. So don’t tighten it too much and use a crotch strap, it helps center the rig and keep it from moving around. If you have problems I am always ready to go diving and help, you just need to come to my backyard.


Watch our TransPac fitting videos to see what I am talking about.


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