August 10th, 2009

Dive Report


I’ve been away from my blog this past month, busy with diving. First a trip to Russia to do some training, then mini lobster season in the Florida Keys. I just returned from an attempted dive on the Monitor and jumped back into a cave exploration project locally. Now I am scheduling a trip to Australia to teach an O2ptima rebreather course.

As for the Monitor trip, I was 230-feet away from the wreck, standing on the deck of our dive boat in full gear just waiting for the boat to swing around so I could jump. My dive buddies, Pete and Vince, were right behind me. The wind caught the boat and the down line fouled in the screws. The dive was aborted and the next 90 minutes were spent getting it taken care of as the winds picked up to take our only window of opportunity away from us. We didn’t even leave the dock the first two days because it was blowing. We tried to go out again the following day, but it got more rough and windy as we approached the sight. I was concerned the NOAA representative would be upset and not give us another chance but he smiled an informed us that all the past Monitor expeditions only had a 40% success rate in the “Graveyard of the Atlantic”. A famous comedian once said “That was a valuable piece of information to have”… so we are planning again for next year.

This field activity keeps me motivated: watching how people use and misuse our gear. Plus it keeps our team at headquarters happy to have me out of the office:). I’m not sure what other dive companies are doing, but we are moving forward on a number of fronts. Stay tuned to the website for upcoming product releases and new programs. We love the dive business because we are divers, not because it’s a living. This year marks our 25th anniversary. I feel very fortunate to be able to do what I love.  


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