August 31st, 2009

O2ptima Aluminum Stand, Custom Cover, Video


Last year an aluminum stand for the O2ptima was available through a third party in limited supply. It was very expensive on the open market so I didn’t look into it. Things changed when I taught the stand’s designer CCR Cave and we talked about the stand. He has made some changes and we now have the Sisco Aluminum Stand for the O2ptima. It’s all aluminum and the foot is adjustable from aluminum 13s to steel 27s and even the longer aluminum 19s. It’s rugged. I have been field testing it for over a month and talked to the people who bought the first ten he produced. Everyone is very happy with it. We launched a new video last week showing all the new features of the O2ptima and we immediately sold through our initial supply of these stands. You can get them direct through Dive Rite. DRT-49-STAND. $225.00

O2ptima Cover Skull & AnchorO2ptima Cover Shark Snarle

We are producing a new run of O2ptima jackets at the end of September so now is the time for a customized jacket. Get your name or a design or both. The factory has a few stock designs or if you are an artist – go for it and we can digitize your artwork. All stock designs can be seen in the PDF file in DOWNLOADS next to the O2ptima description. Order these from us at DRT-54-COVER. $150.00


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