October 5th, 2009

Dive Rite Instructors and Training Courses


After spending two weeks teaching in Australia I remember why I like the country and most of the dive sites. I have to say however, that there are a couple of training sites I can do without diving again, after spending many hours on multiple days diving them. I know that Australia has some great cave diving though and I do plan to come back and do some fun dives out on the Nullarbor.

I like to use every class as an opportunity to grow and observe as an instructor. I am very active in my personal diving, so watching students deal with tasks helps me formulate alternatives and safer practices. This was the case in Australia as well, as I was teaching the O2ptima rebreather course.

During the course, we discussed bailout options and gas management options and actually implemented some new techniques for bailout. The students found them easier and from my perspective they are much safer. In the absence of a BOV, position the second stage of the bottom gas bailout around your neck on a necklace as if you were on open circuit. We found this to be more efficient when having to bailout than going for a regulator secured to the neck of a sling bottle.

Training has always been a key part of what we offer at Dive Rite. We have four instructors on staff teaching all levels of diving. We offer this for our personal enjoyment as well as to support our dive shops who don’t have a full time instructor, yet wish to build their tech diving business. You can read more about our instructors in the TRAINING section of our website.

Congratulations to all the Australia students and in particular Chris Bojarski for becoming an O2ptima instructor.


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