February 8th, 2010

EZ Solenoid Inline Shutoff Valve


An inline solenoid shut off valve should be installed on every rebreather. It gives control back to the diver for dealing with ascents and troubleshooting. We originally had an inline option but the location was less than optimal. The rear location made it an emergency shutoff rather than a tool.

The new EZ shutoff is a culmination of ideas from some O2ptima divers using various components to reposition the shutoff near the manual addition valve. The idea was sound, but available components added to many parts. Our manifold, which feeds the solenoid, puts everything together in a very streamlined package. It also allows for easy connection of an off board oxygen source. Only one hose leaves the oxygen cylinder and plugs into the manifold mounted to the oxygen addition.

I have been diving it for a couple of months now and find it for more convenient and useful than the original rear mounted inline shutoff valve. It can re retro fitted to any O2ptima.

Pics are forthcoming on our website. For now you can see it in the RBW video here:  Rebreather World O2ptima Video


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