June 17th, 2010

35lb Lift Nomad


I have been asked for a Nomad with less lift for diving lightweight tanks, such as aluminum 80s. We built a prototype and took it to several demo days, but what most folks seem to want is options. They want to dive aluminum 80s when they travel, especially warm-water destinations, but have the ability to dive heavier steels for longer dives and/or cold-water.

So instead of moving forward with a smaller rig, we added more gusset control to the Nomad EXP and Nomad XT models. Now a diver can pull the wing in tight for a small profile with smaller tanks. It can then be released for heavier tanks or if you need more lift for staging. In technical diving, its always better to have a little something in reserve.

Our new video “Sidemount: Customizing the Nomad’s Lift” shows you gusset control at 35lbs, 50lbs and 60lbs.

Customizing the Nomad’s Lift

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