October 18th, 2010

New O2ptima Rebreather Counterlungs


After months of testing, we have the new O2ptima 5L (2.5L per CL) counter lung set.  The 4L counterlungs were designed for experienced CCR divers and women, but weren’t enough volume for active divers. I could bottom them out on an easy swim. The 6L counterlungs worked fine, but the size of the lungs added clutter to the chest area and the retention strap down to the waist belt was a necessary annoyance. 

The best design ended up being 5L counterlungs in a longer teardrop shape-version of the 4L set with enough volume for a working diver.  The bottom of the lung is secured to the shoulder strap with a Velcro loop on continuous webbing harnesses or with a bungee loop thru the quick release buckles on a TransPac or TransPlate harness.  Shoulder D-rings are now easier to get to and the Offset D-rings are even easier.

O2ptima divers wanting to upgrade, keep your current lungs, but send us the valves and we’ll put them on the new 5L counterlungs for $150. Or send us your CL set and we’ll change out the valves for you. If your O2ptima is ready for annual service, then we’ll reduce the CL upgrade to $125 (plus the $199 annual service fee).

There are pictures of Jared and I diving the new lungs the Dive Rite Facebook page.


Dive Rite O2ptima 5L Counterlungs

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