October 25th, 2010



The O2ptima rebreather design lets the diver use a standard wing design, horseshoe or donut. The key issue for most CCr divers is the placement of the upper elbow on the inflator hose as well as regulator hose routing when using a standard wing. There is too much clutter behind the head and the inflator hose can interfere with the counterlungs. Our new CCR EXP wing addresses these issues.

The elbow is offset further out on the left shoulder of the wing so it is not squeezed behind the diver, making the hose routing more comfortable along the outer side of the counterlung. The wing has 50lbs of lift with a gusset control cord, if you want to limit lift and make the wing more compact. The donut shape means air won’t get trapped on the sides.

The best feature of the design is the open center that allows hoses to be routed up through the wing rather than come over the top of it, restricting air flow. I was amazed at the difference this made in comfort and trim with the revised hose routing.

LamarDive Rite CCR EXP WingDive Rite O2ptima CCR EXP Wing

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