November 1st, 2010

Sidemount Diving Light Canister Tip


When sidemount diving the light canister sometimes needs alternative mounting solutions. The Nomad has 1-inch D-rings to butt mount canisters on the bottom of the rig, but I haven’t liked wearing my light there because the canister flops around due to play between the quick links and strap. I personally like to have the canister stay in one place, so I’ve continued to wear my light on the waist belt in front of the sidemount bottle. The drawback with this mounting is that you end up with excess light cord that you have to deal with.

Recently, while diving Telford I discovered our Quick Belt Mount (LT6090) is the best solution for butt mounting the canister. I attached it to the 2-inch crotch strap above the accessory D-ring. The light stays firmly in place, I have just the right amount of light cord and if I get into a tight spot I can release the canister.


Dive Rite Sidemount Quick Belt Mount

One Response to “Sidemount Diving Light Canister Tip”

  • I’ve had luck butt mounting mine clipped to the rails under the crotch strap. I modified the piece of webbing that came with my light and have had good luck with it.

    Take two flat bottom bolt snaps, cut a slit in the side of the webbing so that the clip fits well. Fold the extra webbing over and put a sex bolt in to keep it from moving. I spaced it so it will fit the butt rails, but it also clips into the small d-rings on the side of the Transpac and easily onto the side of hard backplates.

    Tom Nelson, December 3rd, 2010 at 4:32 pm