November 18th, 2010

New O2ptima DSV 300


After lab testing the new DSV 300 Micropore, Inc. it was shipped down and I took it diving. The DSV 300 appeared substantially larger than the previous DSV. After installing it on my O2ptima I realized the size wasn’t significant. The hoses attach with locking rings, making assembly easier. The mushroom valves are in the hose inserts rather than in the mouthpiece. The DIVA mounts on the hose side of the locking ring moving it farther from center, which I found to be a good change.

The WOB (work of breathing) has been reduced to fall in the range of other popular units, actually outperforming most. This was accomplished by the changes in the new DSV, the rest of the breathing loop was unchanged in relation to current specifications. The O2ptima has the smallest breathing loop on the market, WOB is the same or better than the larger breathing loops currently on the market. I would say that’s progress.

Charts showing the WOB results of the new 2.5L CL and our former 3L CL and the DSV300 can be found in our online library.


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