December 13th, 2010

Nomad Ring Bungee Tip


The ring bungee method for managing sidemount bottles has received good acceptance and with anything people want to modify it and make it their own. I want to explain the concept behind it so you get  the most from it.  We call it a 12” ring bungee because from end of quick link to end of quick link is 12”.  We played with various bungee thicknesses and lengths to get the best combination of stretch to attach the bottle and recoil so the bottle rest under the arm when only the buoyancy has to be dealt with.

We get requests for longer bungees. DON’T DO THIS… the stretch is good for bottles up to the 8-inch, 120 cu ft cylinders, believe me I have tried it on them. If you need to lengthen the overall strap because you are thick through the chest add a quick link to the side that attaches to your backplate or TransPac. This will move the ring forward for access but the bungee stretch is the same for good recoil to keep the bottle under the arm when diving. Every quick link will add approximately 1” of length. You may find that after doing this you want to shorten them as you get use to attaching the bottles its gets easier with practice.  When I teach a CCR class cave divers I have them spend at least 20 minutes following a line and doing bottle switches. The first few passes are comical, but it finally gets so easy they don’t even think about it. My point is don’t lengthen the bungees permanently when a little practice will make the shorter ones more desirable for bottle trim. 

We do need to add some that are an 1” shorter for women, I had to modify a set for a student two weeks ago because what fits me just wouldn’t work for her. We can do these on request, just ask.