January 5th, 2011

O2ptima Rebreather 2.5L Counterlungs Mounting


The new 2.5L counterlung attachment points vary from the 3L set. The upper connection is the same with a Velcro loop that goes around the shoulder strap to hold it in place, the closure is offset to keep the counterlung away from the neck area. The bottom connection point is completely different. It comes with a Velcro closure that wraps around the shoulder strap below the chest D-ring. This keeps the lung from moving up, plus no strap to the waist belt is needed.

If you are diving with a TransPac or TransPlate the two short pieces of bungee can be used instead of the 1” Velcro closures. I prefer these instead. Remove the 1” closures and put the bungee thru it and tie two interlocking overhand knots in the bungee to make a loop or use a tie wrap. Unfasten the 1 ½” quick release shoulder buckles and slide the bungee over the buckles and refasten the buckles.


Lamar 2.5 CL

O2ptima 2.5L CL Attachment Points

One Response to “O2ptima Rebreather 2.5L Counterlungs Mounting”

  • Thanks. This was very helpful. I was doing something different that worked, but probably not the best idea.

    Eric Cunningham, January 8th, 2011 at 9:48 am