May 31st, 2011

Oxygen Toxicity and Rebreather Diving


David Sawatzky, a close friend of mine and former cave student came down for O2ptima training not too long ago. I didn’t really “train” him as David is already an accomplished rebreather diver, but rather I oriented him to the specifics of the O2ptima unit. We did the same exercise in 1988 when he came to Florida for cave training. David was already a cave diver in Canada, so I just oriented him to Florida-style cave diving.

During his O2ptima course, I asked David if he would write an article for us on Oxygen Toxicity as it relates to rebreather divers. I had shared with him habits that I see other CCR divers practice concerning set points and duration. He immediately shared with me a wealth of information and that knowledge is now available in the following article on our website. I encourage all rebreather divers to read it.

Oxygen Toxicity and CCR Diving


May 24th, 2011

Bonaire Dive Trip


I just got back from Bonaire where Pete and I taught an O/W Sidemount course and TDI O/W sidemount instructor program at Buddy Dive. During this we tested the Nomad on single sidemount applications, more to come on this. Don’t be surprised when you see people shore diving the Hilma Hooker on sidemount.

I was also testing the dive functions on the Nitek Q. After a few setbacks on the compass chip, we now in the final stages getting our Workbench software updated. This is one of the final steps before we can release. I know it’s late but it will be worth it.

Aside from teaching and a little down time, we were scoping out Bonaire for a Tech Tour site for next year. It will be a great spot for one. Bonaire has some excellent tech diving and we’re ready to return.