May 31st, 2011

Oxygen Toxicity and Rebreather Diving


David Sawatzky, a close friend of mine and former cave student came down for O2ptima training not too long ago. I didn’t really “train” him as David is already an accomplished rebreather diver, but rather I oriented him to the specifics of the O2ptima unit. We did the same exercise in 1988 when he came to Florida for cave training. David was already a cave diver in Canada, so I just oriented him to Florida-style cave diving.

During his O2ptima course, I asked David if he would write an article for us on Oxygen Toxicity as it relates to rebreather divers. I had shared with him habits that I see other CCR divers practice concerning set points and duration. He immediately shared with me a wealth of information and that knowledge is now available in the following article on our website. I encourage all rebreather divers to read it.

Oxygen Toxicity and CCR Diving


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