June 8th, 2011

Tech Diver’s Tool Bag


Every diver needs tools and the tech diver needs a few more. I took an idea from my motorcycle adventures and designed our new Tech Tool Bag roll bag for myself with the tools I have traveled around the world with. I have fixed regulators and replaced electronics in my O2ptima rebreather with this selection of tools.

A ½ wrench for getting in between cylinders to adjust bands or tighten the bands on doubles. A four way screwdriver, two double ended tips is the ultimate screwdriver. A must is two adjustable wrenches so you can hold the nut on a second stage while replacing a hose. Tie wraps are a must along with an o ring pic, if you can’t find an o ring pic a good substitute is a large safety pin. I usually keep DIN o rings on the safety pin for quick access. You need two hex key sets, a standard and metric set, look for a compact set, I stay away from the individual hex keys because the most used one tends to get lost. The extra hex key is a large 8 mm key for removing DIN inserts from tank valves and of course a pair of channel locks. The zipper pouch is for a selection of o rings and lubricant, 5 zip lock bags are included for o rings.



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