July 11th, 2011

Revised Lift Value On All Dive Rite Wings


There are a number of ways to test lift capacity of a scuba wing: the force applied to submerge it; the force applied to pull it under; or the weight of the water it will hold. The first two can yield different numbers depending on location of dump valve and how the force is measured. We have decided to apply the more conservative measure: the weight of the water the wing will hold. This offers the value of the water it will displace. We do our measurements with freshwater 7.5 pounds per gallon, while seawater weighs approximately 8.5 per gallon. This means a 45 pound lift wing in freshwater displaces 51 pounds in seawater. You’ll see that all Dive Rite wings lift values have been re stated on our website. The wing design nor construction has not changed, only the list value as a result of our new lift test.


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