August 21st, 2011

Nomad JT Sidemount Rig


The Nomad JT for sidemount purists has gained immediate popularity. Some have asked if a dual bladder model is available. With this particular design, a dual bladder is not possible because the wing has five openings on the inside, plus the back is a skid plate. There is no way to add a second bladder without sacrificing lift on the primary bladder.

We’ve also been asked how to add the Nomad Weight Plate. Due to the positioning of the crotch strap on the back a weight plate isn’t feasible. Some weight can be put on the straps, but we can’t compromise the new crotch strap placement for the weight plate.

We have added a daisy chain on both sides of the webbing loops on the back to accommodate butt mounting of large canister lights. This allows the diver to run run quick links or bungee to secure the canister.

Let us know what you think. The Nomad JT was inspired by the input and feedback from local sidemount explorer, James Toland. We listen to every customer and incorporate your ideas whenever we can.


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