August 29th, 2011

NiTek Q Dive Computer Update


The NiTek Q is now available to order. Originally we intended the NiTek Q to be a strictly two gas Nitrox computer with Trimix, compass and CCR upgrades available online. However, based on diver feedback we will now also offer the NiTek Q unlocked for open circuit diving Trimix with compass and custom gradient factors included (CCR is still an upgrade).

The OLED display is easy to read under water in any light condition. In a cave it can actually be too bright so we added a contrast setting to tone it down. It’s rechargeable from any USB charging device so it’s travel friendly. The NiTek Q is smaller than most computers with similar features and so easy to use most people can figure it out in about five minutes with the Quick Start guide. We printed the Quick Start on waterproof paper so you can take it with you on the boat if you feel you need to, but I bet you won’t after 5 minutes of going through the menu.


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