September 5th, 2011

O2ptima Rebreather Rev D Electronics by Juergensen Marine


I’m diving the latest Rev D firmware update for the HUD and I have to say it’s impressive. The new features include a buddy readout on the outside of the HUD, so whatever you see anyone looking at you will see as well. In addition to the DIVA (display integrated vibrating alarm) the reading light will strobe letting the world know you have a problem. The HUD also has a blue warning LED, any warnings on the controller are relayed to the HUD and the blue LED will flash every 7 seconds until the problem is dealt with so it gets your attention.

You can handle your decompression stops via the HUD as well with a combination of green and red LED to let know you are coming up on a stop and when to move to the next one. The reading/signal light is a multifunction light, it’s the strobe or quick reading light. I tested it in a cave with all my lights out I found the line with the reading light…good to know I have one more back up light. A few more test dives and firmware updates and we should be ready to release it.



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