September 19th, 2011

NiTek Q Battery Life


The biggest power drain on the NiTek Q dive computer is the display…the bright, yellow¬† OLED display is power hungry. The computer has battery protection to keep it from going into deep discharge, but this protection is overridden when in dive mode. It will stay on as long as it can.

Of course, I test everything to failure so I had to see what would happen by diving the Q without charging it until it died. I finally got the battery indicator to drain completely on a dive and after the dive it went to sleep and wouldn’t wake up. I thought I had taken it too far. I put it on charge and pressed a button, nothing happen, oh sh!?t I drained it. After 5 minutes of charging it came back and all was good. I called the developers to confirm what happened and see if I did screw it up. All is good and this is what I learned : you can’t overcharge the computer, leave it on charge if it’s convenient. A full charge takes 4 hours.

Reducing the contrast (brightness) can give you up to 20% more battery life. The battery has a very low discharge rate so it can go six months in standby mode.¬† Since the display is the power drain, when you turn the computer on and let it stay on for ten minutes that’s ten minutes of battery life. So put the computer back to sleep when not in use by holding the B button for 3 seconds.


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