October 10th, 2011

Wreck Diver Magazine Learns Sidemount Diving


The interest in sidemount diving caught the industry by surprise, particularly in terms of open water applications. Cave diving, definitely, but the amount of interest for the open water diver was astounding! Questions at trade shows tech tours and just talking to people at club meetings have been dominated by the topic.

When Joe Porter of Wreck Diving Magazine expressed a personal interest in the technique and sought training I was impressed. We worked out a training schedule for Joe and his son, Philip, in Florida. Mike Hanna, Dive Rite’s SE Field Representative asked to join the group to expand his personal knowledge. It was a quite a surprise when Brian Carney of TDI asked to join the group.

Fully expecting to have this group of professionals plow through the program as quickly as possible. It was pleasant surprise as each individual diligently paid attention and completed every skill necessary. If you have ever taught Instructors, you’ll know how “some” try to bulldoze their way through a class. “Hey I am an Instructor!” is the general manta. Brian Carney actually commented on the dives, “You don’t spend a lot of time talking on the surface!” “No Brian it’s a diving class we stay until the skills are done, that’s why we have a lecture, pre and post dive briefings. If you have a question use your slate!” It’s the way I teach. My yellow slate has been nicked named. “The Yellow slate of death!” My students usually know another drill is on the way when the slate comes out. I had a blue one but I wore it out.

See ya in the water….Don’t talk, write!

Wreck Diver  Magazine Sidemount Profile

Pete Nawrocky,
Dive Rite National Field Sales Manager

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