November 14th, 2011

New at Dive Rite – The XT Series Wings


After we launched the Nomad in 2007, the first upgrade we did was to the outer bag changing it to a tough fabric known as SuperFabric, made in the USA and lives up to its name. I have tested it in small caves and expeditions and it does the job. Earlier this year we launched the Nomad JT for the dedicated, hardcore sidemount divers using SuperFabric, again it does the job.

So now we are launching the XT signature line with the Travel, Voyager, Rec, CCR and Classic all getting the SuperFabric addition. The line will also get a bladder upgrade, the same material used in lift bags. The total construction of an XT wing will consist of three layers, the tough bladder, a protective 1000 denier inner bag and the SuperFabric outer shell. The competition touts making a thicker material wing is stronger, but actually strength comes from adding layers so each barrier adds protection. The wings will debut later this month.

The new XT line is so tough that it comes with a lifetime warranty on everything. I’ve been diving the XT for a few years so if you do have a warranty claim, don’t be surprised if I contact you about the dive or ask to join you.


Nomad XT Wing w SuperFabric