February 14th, 2012

My Sidemount Regulator Set Up


I have played with Sidemount regulator rigging for 30 years and what I have learned is one size does not fit all and some missions require something out of the ordinary. I used to dive a short hose, 28″, on each side because I was mission oriented and the team was on Sidemount so it didn’t require a long hose on one bottle for mixed teams. Now that I dive Sidemount for lifestyle when I’m not on my rebreather I think about other team members and now have a long hose on my left bottle for a team concept.

Right bottle, short hose, 22 or 28″ hose with a right angle adapter to manage the hose coming up from under the arm on a necklace like all technical divers are taught. A 22″ inflator hose for my dry suit so I can push the bottles back under the arms in tight places.

Left bottle, 5′ or 7′ hose is recommended, I use a 5′ because I use a Jetstream that can breathe left or right side. If you use a standard right side regulator you should lean toward a 7′ hose so it can wrap around the neck, either way it should have a right angle to make it easy to manage andĀ  a clip on it at the right angle adapter. I use a 22″ BC inflator hose so I can have room to maneuver the bottle in tight spaces.

Both bottles have 6″ SPGĀ  but some friends like 9″ SPG because it’s easier to read with old eyes, I thought the same until I got readers in my mask.

Just goes to prove that we all have to configure for our personal needs. The goal is a streamlined system, a quick check is how long does it take you to set up and get your bottles on compared to your buddies. It may be surprising. VIDEO: Sidemount Reg Set Up


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