February 27th, 2012

New Century Single Tank Adapter


The Single Tank Adapter (STA) was originally named “Singles Mounting Plate (SMP)” when I designed it in 1985. At that time, we had just launched the Dive Rite Wing, the original doubles wing with 60lbs of lift. Cave divers dropped by the old shop to share their ideas and show us their modifications, since back then no one could dive a product off the shelf without a few adjustments.

Guys were cutting slots in the wing for diving singles and my girlfriend (now my wife) was a new cave diver that wanted to dive her backplate all the time, including with a single tank. We had a ABS plastic plate, so I got the idea to rip it from top to bottom on both sides of the cradle that nestles between the double tanks. I added cam strap slots on both sides of the bolt holes. I now had a set up to attach a single tank to a backplate, my girlfriend was happy and the guys stopped mutilating their wings.

Today, the STA is so popular with the single tank crowd that we have now shortened our STA so it doesn’t interfere with the smaller center section now prevalent on single tank wings. Our single tank wings (Travel and Voyager) do not require a STA since we have gone to a crosshair center section that keeps the wing and harness securely together, however some prefer the convenience and added weight of a Single Tank Adapter. VIDEO: Single Tank Adapter 2012




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