May 14th, 2012

TransPac XT Dives Steel 104s?!


I had a great dive last week with my friend, Bill Main. He was taking his new RX10 on its maiden voyage while I bolted a production TransPac XT to a set of back mounted steel 104 cylinders, some of the heaviest cylinders on the market and preferred by Florida open circuit cave divers. We went for a leisurely swim in Devil’s Ear cave at Ginnie Springs. I was amazed at the support of the new XT. I had dived every prototype up until now and knew it was better than all previous models, but I hadn’t taken a production unit out for a swim yet.

I thought the changes were going to be more cosmetic than functional, but was I ever surprised. The guys at the office had already dived steel 104s a few days earlier and had told me the new harness was impressive.

Drop me a note if you want to stop by and try A TransPac XT, maybe I can get away and dive with you.


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