May 21st, 2012

TransPac XT Mountaineering Fit


What makes the new, TransPac XT fit better than the Classic TransPac? Let me take you down memory lane on the evolution of the TransPac. The original TransPac had integrated hip support, but the shoulder to waist connection used screws and nuts. Any adjustment by the diver usually resulted in loosing one or more of the screws. The next generation incorporated side plates at the waist so divers could make their adjustments easily without concern of loosing any hardware. The TransPac had a cummerbund to cushion the diver against the side plates. This sacrificed some comfort and back support for versatility. VIDEO: TransPac XT Features

The new TransPac XT brings the best of both together: the hip pads are a continuous part of the backplate to increase the lumbar support for carrying heavy tanks. By extending the backplate around and morphing it into hip pads, more weight is shifted off the shoulders and across the entire back, reducing shoulder strain. The narrow side plates let the diver tweak the fit for comfort if you want to move them back further toward the lumbar for greater support.

The new design allows divers to now wear weight pockets in front of the sideplate, rather than captured on top of it. This gives more freedom for mounting options and the pockets will stay in place as long as you capture the belt loop on the hip pad. VIDEO: How to Install 16lb QB Weight Pockets on the TransPac XT

The TransPac will do everything the Classic TransPac can do, but now with greater support and comfort. I happen to believe you can be comfortable when diving.


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