June 4th, 2012

TransPac XT – Rebreather Model


I took my Classic TransPac off my O2ptima and replaced it with the new TransPac XT. Since you need Offset D-rings on your harness to accommodate shoulder-mounted counter lung,s I made sure the Offset Ds would lay on top of the shoulder transition plate of the harness and lock in place. The narrow, double padded shoulders lay nicely under the counter lungs. The tech butt plate attaches via assembly screws and hugs the bottom of the TransPac XT so it feels integral to the backplate. The stability of the new XT makes the added weight of the bailout bottles feel much lighter than before. I can’t get over the noticeable improvement in comfort.

After setting my unit up, I have requests for a CCR model of the TransPac XT so we built it up. The chest only has a set of Offset D-rings and the waist has two sets of Ds: low profile D-rings on the waist plates to attach the SPG to and a set of standard D-rings in front of those. By the way all new O2ptimas have shorter SPG hoses (42-inch), so they can be stored down the side of the unit.



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