June 11th, 2012

Hose Configuration for Open Water Regulators


It’s not just about the regulator you choose, but also how you configure it. If you want to look like you know what you’re doing, then hose management will impress anyone. I can always tell the casual diver from the serious diver. When I dive a single tank, I like to keep all the hoses tucked in close to the body just like when I dive doubles, sidemount or rebreathers. It makes it easy to keep up with everything: a short hose (22”)  on a necklace and a longer hose (40”) for the sharing air comes under the arm and comfortably up to the mouth. We started putting a 22″ inflator hose with our open water wings so it would lay better on the diver. Standard SPG hoses are 32″ and I assume this is for divers that want to attach a compass console to it. If you aren’t going to put a compass on it a shorter 24″ to 26″ hose is better. It’s the little things that make the dive safer and more comfortable.

VIDEO: Regulator Set Up for Recreational Diving

VIDEO: Regulator Set Up for Advanced Single Tank Diving


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