July 2nd, 2012

Lift Bag Mounting Tips


We get questions about where to mount a lift bag. The answer isn’t simple because it depends on the comfort and needs of the diver. Our new TransPac XT has a built-in lift bag sleeve in the lumbar pad, a nice convenience for technical divers wearing backmount twin tanks. Single tank divers will want to mount a lift bag on the side of their plate or TransPac harness using uick Link hardware and a lift bag sleeve. Divers who wear a Nomad or dive a Tech Buttplate for sidemounting primary or stage bottles can use the buttplate for their lift bag. Of course, divers who don a Thigh or Bellows Pocket might find it easiest to simply stow a lift bag in the pocket. This Rough Cut video shows the options: Lift Bag Mounting Options


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