August 6th, 2012

Nomad LT Defines the Market for Lightweight, Warm Water Sidemount Rigs


This is one of our most innovative products. We integrated the harness into the wing to keep everything in place like the Nomad JT. Basically it’s a mini-me JT. We added an expandable panel in the bottom to put more lift at the waist to help with trim and kept a butt plate for attaching the bottles down on the hips a proven attachment point for keeping bottles in place. A couple of personal features are the two inch belt loop on the waist for the end of the belt webbing and the 2″ plastic slide to manage the buckle end of the webbing. I like this method to position the waist belt buckle slightly off center when going from wet to dry suit.
It’s designed for warm water aluminum 80 diving or steel 85 with a drysuit. With only 25 pounds of lift don’t try heavy cylinders. Remember if you need a 40 pound wing with your twins, you still need a 40 pound wing when you break them down into sidemount bottles. If you need more than 10 pounds of weight this isn’t the side mount system for you. The Superfabric back on the LT gives it a tough finish for those low areas in a cave or the sharp edges of a wreck. With all this it weighs under 5.5 pounds including the stainless hardware and bungees. It packs very nice and with more and more weight restrictions on airlines every pound counts. Nomad LT VIDEO

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