August 14th, 2012

New RX10 Flashlight Battery Recommendation


New lithium primary batteries preform in RX10 flashlight.  The RX10 flashlight draws .5 amps of power as compared to the RX10 canister light drawing 1 amp. This doesn’t mean half the output but rather only a 30% drop in output. When running alkaline batteries in the flashlight it will drop to .35 amp draw and about 50% brightness after 2 to 3 hours depending on the battery brand/type. At this lower power drain the light will continue to fun for approximately another 3 hours.  The new lithium primary batteries are the answer to keeping the light at higher output for up to 6.5 hours before dropping to the lower setting.

The new generation of AA Energizer Lithium Ultimate batteries are designed for high drain devices light flashlights. Don’t mistake these for early AA lithium batteries that boasted long duration but the fine print defined this for devices such as cameras.  Duracell makes their version too but I only tested the bunny brand.

This new battery has many pluses over rechargeable and alkaline battery options for divers, especially the cave divers that prefer the RX10 flashlight as a primary back up light.  Any back up light is just that a back up so non rechargeable long shelf life batteries are preferred and now the longer full power mode means it can be used a number of hours before having to replace the batteries. So its actually cheaper to use the new lithium primary cells for their longevity at full power.  I was impressed.


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