October 15th, 2012

NiTek Q In Stock and Ready to Ship


Nitek Q computers are in stock and available for immediate shipment. We have changed the USB plug to red along with the sealing o-ring so the diver has high contrast between the computer and seal. Whenever you remove the USB cable and activate the screen (by pushing either button) it displays “remember to replace the USB cap” and this screen will not go away until you hold the left (A button) for five seconds.

We have now repackaged the standard options to make it easy for divers. The basic model is two-gas, Nitrox and the Trimix model is full seven-gas, Trimix mode. All the other options can be purchased as desired and this keeps the price competitive based on the main features divers have asked us for.

The Nitek Q4 comes with full, seven-gas Trimix as well and closed circuit mode unlocked. When choosing between the Q and Q4 remember the only feature the Q4 has that the standard Q can’t do is monitor a 4th cell in a rebreather. The Q4 is more expensive because of the “Fischer” cable interface for direct connection to an oxygen sensor in the rebreather.

Thanks to all our customers for your patience during this long delay. This certainly wasn’t our goal and we appreciate everyone who stood by us along the way.



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