October 21st, 2012

NiTek Q Workbench Software & Optional Bungee Mount


The NiTek Q Workbench software is ready for release and a link is available on our website. The Windows version was developed for Windows 7 and the Mac version is ready for Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion. The communications are plug and play, just follow the directions on screen to install, you must have a broadband internet connection to install the software. After it’s installed another screen will indicate when its ready for offline use. For best results try to have an internet connection when accessing the program so it can check for software updates. This version works with Nitek Q units with firmware 2.0 and higher. As soon as the next version is ready (later this month) computers with earlier firmware versions can be updated via the Workbench and will then work with all the functions in Workbench.

The bungee mount is available as an option for divers who prefer that mounting to a standard strap. See Dive Rite TV for installation instructions.


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