November 5th, 2012

Nomad Sidemount: Expert Tested. No Marketing Bull


Lamar sidemounting the Dive Rite Nomad

I find it amusing and flattering that someĀ  manufacturers have discovered side mount diving and build everything from ultra light to hard core cave exploration side mount systems. I have been diving and building them for more than 30 years and enjoy doing it. We are a small company in North Florida, we design, test and build our buoyancy systems in the USA. I see claims of “the only CE approved side mount system”, “the choice of professionals”. I read these claims and smile. I know or trained most of these professionals, I wrote the first side mount certification course for the Cave Diving Section of the National Speleological Society and proofed the programs for many other agencies.

Side mount can be a life style or mission specific diving application, for me its just another tool in my bag for exploration. When it comes to diving equipment design I like the trickle down effect. After I dive it in Antarctica, a small cave in North Florida, or a wreck off the coast then it’s ready for the marketplace.

All Dive Rite buoyancy devices are built in a UL certified facility and go thru UL testing before we introduce it to the marketplace. After we tweak the product thru consumer feedback then we take it to CE testing in Europe. UL testing is more stringent than CE testing. UL inspects the production facility and testing procedures annually while CE is a test of products selected by the manufacturer for testing. I prefer to make sure it meets UL standards in the USA before taking it over to Europe for a one time inspection but that’s just the way I like to do things.

It’s not always about price but what’s behind the product. We are 25 years of experience and a real passion for diving. I travel all over the world just to make sure I haven’t left anyone out when I design products.


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