November 13th, 2014

Newest Member of the Nomad Family: Nomad LTZ


Dive Rite introduces the latest member of the Nomad family of sidemount rigs, the Nomad LTZ. The Nomad LTZ is a light weight, sidemount specific BC that employs the Nomad features that divers have come to love such as our rugged SuperFabric® material and Dive Rite’s exclusive Ring Bungees.

With 35 lbs (15.8 kg) of lift and a low profile design, the Nomad LTZ performs in all levels of sidemount diving. With additional lift typically needed toward the lower back when sidemounting, the combination of shape and contour of the bladder create this lift achieving the optimum trim.

The LTZ routes all relief valves on the inside of the rig, along with the inflator routing from the inside bottom, creating a completely clean back shell. There is one relief valve placed at the top of the rig with pull cord routing over the left shoulder, making dumping air in a vertical position no problem.

The LTZ is our most rugged sidemount system yet. Not only does it have SuperFabric® on the back of the BC, but it also has SuperFabric® shoulder sleeves to protect the shoulder webbing from abrasion. To top all this off it uses a heavier duty material on for the inner bladder. The Nomad LTZ is covered by Dive Rite’s worry-free lifetime warranty making it your only choice for a sidemount BC system.

NomadLTZ_1 copy

October 31st, 2014

Dive Rite Launches HunterPAC BCD


Dive Rite introduces a new BC with the spear fishermen and hunter in mind. The HunterPac is a streamlined BC based on a basic harness design. Delivering 35 lbs of lift, the HunterPac is ideal for a variety of tanks including Aluminum and Steel while a gusset control system keep the aircell from tacoing. Two stainless, roller buckle cam straps give extra stability while in the water or walking around on the surface. Plenty of D-rings give an ample amount of attachment points for stringers, bags, guns, and ZooKeepers.

The first prototypes have been out in the field for several weeks, getting great reviews from avid spear fishermen such as world record holder Allen “The Grouper” Sherrod:

“For years I used another back inflate BC for spear fishing. The difference in my first dive using the HunterPAC BC, was like night & day. It has a more streamlined configuration, the inflator hose is exactly where you need it to be, plenty of D Rings and with the design of this BC, it gave me more freedom to band my gun. I was able to get into cracks & crevices that I’d have previously gotten hung up in.  My overall experience was a greater harvest with the least amount if work.”

Alex Fogg marine biologist at The Gulf Coast Research Laboratory (University of Mississippi), studying the effects of lionfish in the Gulf of Mexico, had this to say about the HunterPac after trying one out:

I want to reiterate how bad ass these new Dive Rite HunterPac BC’s are. After trying one on, they are so low profile and would really make things a lot more streamlined when carrying my ZooKeeper (sometimes more than one) and stringer while spearfishing.  That has been the biggest complaint about the BC’s I’ve used in the past: that I turn into a giant parachute and don’t have the space to clip everything off. I need to get one of these!!!

Great for the “dual threat” of ZooKeeping lionfish and hunting bigger fish at the same time.”


December 3rd, 2013

RX8 Rechargeable Handheld Primary Light


Enjoy this short video where Lamar goes over the new RX8 Rechargeable Handheld Primary Light.


April 29th, 2013

TravelPac vs VoyagerPac


T4000 TravelPac XT Mods_FNLT5000_VoyagerPac XT Mods_FNL

When it comes to our recreational BCD’s, we often get asked “which one is best for me?”. We have two versions, the TravelPac and VoyagerPac.  The TravelPac has 25lbs of lift and the VoyagerPac has 35lbs of lift.   The system that is best for you really depends on the type of diving you plan to do.

If your plan is to dive mostly warm water with aluminum tanks, then the TravelPac is most likely the BCD you want.  The 25lbs of lift makes it perfect for AL 80s and no more than 10 lbs of weight.  The low profile of the wing will make dumping air easier and will help prevent the taco effect around the tank.

The VoyagerPac, with 35lbs of lift, makes it the perfect BCD for larger steel tanks or diving colder water with as much as 32lbs weight.  The VoyagerPac is my rig of choice when diving the springs or teaching, since I normally use a LP steel 95 myself.  With the VoyagerPac you are not just limited to a larger steel cylinder, it still performs great with an AL 80 when you go on your tropical vacation.



April 2nd, 2013

Understanding Tank Bands, Manifolds and Bolt Kits


We get a lot of questions about how to assemble twin tanks. Today, it is definitely much easier than it was years ago thanks to the standardization of manifold spacing and center isolation crossbars. As dive season in the Northern Hemisphere is getting started, it’s a good time to refresh our knowledge of double tank assembly and also gain perspective on today’s band and manifold designs as compared to years past when compatibility was more of an issue.

Video: How to Assemble Double Tanks

Article: Understanding Tank Bands, Manifolds and the Bolt  Kit Debate



February 18th, 2013

When it Comes to Dive Gear, Size Really Does Matter!



One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced as a scuba diver hasn’t been how to clear a flooded mask or how to hover effortlessly in perfect trim, although both of those skills were challenging to learn. The biggest challenge I have found is to find gear that fits.  In fact, my quest for well-fitted dive gear is what ultimately garnered me a job at Dive Rite…I was trying to learn how to sidemount and needed a rig designed for my petite frame. I knew Dive Rite was the only company that had gear designed for all shapes and sizes and if they couldn’t fit me, they would do a custom rig.

I happen to know that I’m not the only diver who is frustrated with gear designed for a 6-foot tall male or has a footprint the size of Sasquatch. The beauty of diving is the effortlessness that comes from being free of gravity. To glide rather than walk, to travel easily with speed, to move with grace and explore! The last thing I want is to take Sasquatch along for the ride.

This brings me to write this shout-out for the Dive Rite NiTek Q dive computer, which I love. The reason I love it? It has a tiny footprint, yet packs all the features required of a 2-gas or mixed-gas computer and displays them on a HUGE screen. Now I have a dive computer that sits upon my arm that I can read and easily scroll through the menus. Other dive computers are so big and heavy that they won’t stay put and flop around my wrist. I find myself constantly repositioning them on the dive, which is annoying and anti-productive.

Ah, thank you, Dive Rite, for once again delivering just what I need!

Kathleen Byars, Marketing Director

Shearwater1dim3  Liquivision1dim3  NitekQ1dim3

Too BIG!                                      Screen too tiny                         This one is just right!